Monday, June 3, 2013

Shivs Style moving to LetzMakeup!

Hey Guys,

Ye may have noticed that I copied & pasted all of my recent styling & fashion posts over from here on to my LetzMakeup blog....
As I explained on a blog post on that website...
"Another decision I came to is to amalgamate my ShivInTheBox styling posts with my LetzMakeup blog (ie. move them over to here!!) (sic). I have considered feedback from viewers & blog followers and chatted to a few other bloggers and decided to just keep all makeup AND fashion related content on the one blogger platform since they are on the one Youtube Channel. This will of course be a good thing for any companies I work with also as it guaranties them greater readership for blog posts related to them, which in turn will benefit the blog & you guys with the possibility of more collaborations in the future. (basically a broader range of products/items to share with ye via blog posts, ootd's etc)."

I will update here with any non-makeup & fashion stuff from now on like travel vlogs etc so in the mean time, see me over on for all your makeup & fashion fixes!!

Chat soon,



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