Monday, June 3, 2013

Shivs Style moving to LetzMakeup!

Hey Guys,

Ye may have noticed that I copied & pasted all of my recent styling & fashion posts over from here on to my LetzMakeup blog....
As I explained on a blog post on that website...
"Another decision I came to is to amalgamate my ShivInTheBox styling posts with my LetzMakeup blog (ie. move them over to here!!) (sic). I have considered feedback from viewers & blog followers and chatted to a few other bloggers and decided to just keep all makeup AND fashion related content on the one blogger platform since they are on the one Youtube Channel. This will of course be a good thing for any companies I work with also as it guaranties them greater readership for blog posts related to them, which in turn will benefit the blog & you guys with the possibility of more collaborations in the future. (basically a broader range of products/items to share with ye via blog posts, ootd's etc)."

I will update here with any non-makeup & fashion stuff from now on like travel vlogs etc so in the mean time, see me over on for all your makeup & fashion fixes!!

Chat soon,



Sunday, May 19, 2013

1 Dress, 5 Outfits.....

The Dress is from Penneys/Primark 'Atmosphere' range.
(It's from a couple of years ago but they often have similar in stock)
It's definitely one of my staple wardrobe pieces! I'd say I wear it at least once a week, ha ha. Everyone has something like that in their wardrobe that they live in.

Outfit #1;

'Bear Ear' Hoodie from Newlook. (Winter '12/'13)
Leg-warmers worn as arm warmers from Claires Accessories.
Corduroy leggings from Pennies / Primark.
Grey fleece-lined mid-calf boots from Penneys/Primark 'Atmosphere' range. (2012)

Outfit #2;

"Cute Cats Jumper" from (Available now)
Purple tights from Penneys / Primark.
Black Biker Chained Leather Boots from River Island (2011)
Slouchy Khaki Snood from River Island (Present) 
Pink Single-breasted Coat from Dunnes Stores. (2006-7)
Trilby Hat from Dunnes Stores. (2012)
'Rose' sterling silver ring from McCarthys Jewelers Galway, Ireland.
Silver 'Band' ring gifted.

Outfit #3;

Pink & Black striped grunge jumper from TK Maxx. (2012)
'KAPOW!' ring from Claires Accessories. (2013)
Black leather-look biker jacket from Swamp. (Present)
Blue flared Jeans (customised) (2005-6)
Converse 'All-Stars' low from Schuh. (2010)
'Heart & Bow' hanging earrings from Penneys / Primark. (2011)

Outfit #4;

Black jacket customized with pink stripy arm-warmers (from approx  2002!!!!)
Side broken-hole leggings from (Present)
Grey suede multi-buckle open toe shoes from (2009)
'Barcode' Ring from Claires Accessories. (2012)
All other jewelry from Penneys / Primark.

On my lips; MAC 'Magenta' LipLiner
On my nails; Primark 'Yes Cyan' UV reactive Nail Varnish

Outfit #5;

Multi-layer body necklace from (Available now)
Black Blazer from New Look. (2011-12)
Black ribbed tights from Penneys / Primark.
'Skull Bracelet' & 'Turquoise Cross ring/bracelet' both from River Island.
Studded Chunky-heeled Sandals from River Island. (Present)
Orange Coat from (2009-10)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

❤❤ Undergarments ❤❤

I've never quite gotten over my Hello Kitty obsession, I suspect I'll be one of those 70 yr old non-grannies with 20 cats and hopefully at least 2 more Hello Kitty tattoos, adding to my already existing Hello Kitty tattoo and normal cat on my (tattoo) half-sleeve.

I'm also a tad enamored by cute & kitch knickers! Well underwear in general, I was the proud owner of 2 Hello Kitty bras/crop tops until recently when I had to retire them due to old age :( (That's the age of the garments, not me, ha ha!!)

I picked up these super cute H.K knicker briefs from Penneys last week for €3.00 a piece.....

I also picked up a couple of crop tops, which I love to wear during the (supposedly) warmer months in place of a bra. One of the things I love about having small boobs! 
The first is quite un-exceptional looking but looks cute on and is a perfect fit, tight enough to offer a bit of support but not so tight that it cuts into my ribs.

€3.00 from Penneys
And I came across this super cute lace crop top that was reduced to only €2.00 and there were 2 of them left in my size, so I picked them both up!

I love the lace detail and again the fit, which means I don't have to wear a bra underneath.

Am I the only one who dislikes wearing actual bras the whole time?? Anyhow, I also have a 'Summer Holiday' haul coming soon as I've started to stock up for my holiday to Croatia in July, and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Look out for that and more styling posts soon,


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Silver & Gold; New Look Necklaces.

'Re; Born' Necklace from New Look
(Silver with turquoise beads)

'Re; Born' Necklace from New Look
(Gold with black beads)
I was in work last week & a buddy of mine came in with a stunning gold effect necklace with turquoise beading which I instantly fell in love with! She had picked it up from Newlook a couple of days earlier so I high-tailed it into my closest New Look but it was already sold out! Boo >_<
There were two other variations (in the pictures above) still on the stand that I thought were just as pretty so I picked them up considering they are only €12.00 a piece. 
I got them mainly because I have to wear so much black on black clothing during the week for work and I like to add a bit of colour through my accessories!

I may still check my other local New Look across town to see if they have the one my friend has (Gold effect with 2 rows of turquoise beading). I think they are a really interesting, gorgeous design that I suspect I will get plenty of wear out of!!

I really hope and plan on doing more of these quick show & tell posts of bits I'm loving or coveting to share with ye all. I'm thoroughly enjoying the fashion/styling related side of things and will be holding a giveaway on here soon so keep an eye out for that!!


Saturday, May 11, 2013

Beautiful Vintage Print Dress &

Since I've started posting fashion videos on my LetzMakeup channel, various online clothing companies have been contacting me about their products and joining their blogging programmes (More so than before). I always politely declined any of these offers before I was filming styling & fashion videos, but now that I am & it's relavent to my channel, I am happily considering a few of the offers. I jumped at the chance to join the blogger programme as I've spent the past year drooling over the bits I've seen many of my youtube subscriptions and favourite fashion blogs showing off, from the China-based online brand. And since my first order, which was partly subsidised, I've not been disappointed. Now because of my happy experience with Romwe  I'm definitely interested in a few of the other companies who have approached me. 
(And let me say here for the record, as with my makeup work, I will always be honest about my experiences with companies and be transparent about collaborating)

Anyhow, with that out of the way, time to get to the point of this blog post.
I noticed that a many of these China based companies carry many of the same items but with varying pricing. 
One such company which has approached me about their blogger programme is As with all companies that contact me, I did my research after reading their proposal to get a feel for them & their products and see if it's something that would benefit my blog and my readers/viewers.
The first thing that struck me was just how inexpensive their products are. Way more affordable than all their counter-parts, and I checked!! The second, after continuing my research, was the mixed reviews on the company (As well as many complaints). Their products don't seem to be the main issue (paying $5 - $10 for an item of clothing shouldn't have you expecting top-quality merchandise) however many people have hit various forums to complain about various issues they have had with the brand, such as very long waiting periods for processing or delivery, or products not being delivered in the order with the rest of their stuff, or suddenly being out of stock without prior warning etc. After nosing about the internet a bit more, I've come to the conclusion that is not a 'dodgy' or dishonest company, but rather a company that has trouble keeping up with the volume of orders they receive, or keeping track of all their orders and subsequent correspondence.   
The reason for my babbling.... I'm still totally gobsmacked by the low prices of their products and wanted to decide about the company for myself, and from my own experience (as a regular buyer).
So I decided to purchase from them myself before placing any orders through the blogger programme so I could see how it goes, and also so I can compare the two experiences. This isn't me trying to 'catch out' Sammydress, just pure curiosity as I don't like having my opinion made up for me by other people and through other peoples experiences!
I decided on this absolutely gorgeous dress below which comes in 'one size' but seems to still be quite small (thanks to the Chinese sizing) and is supposed to fit my size 6/8 frame.

It cost me a mere $15 (US dollars) and the shipping, which is calculated by weight, only $5. This when changed over to €s comes to only about €15!!  
Beware though that the heavier the products, the greater the shipping fee and I have no idea yet as to whether I'll get charged by Irish customs when the package arrives. I didn't get charged for my Romwe order, where I chose the free (and slower shipping) method which arrives via HongKong post. I chose the standard shipping with Sammydress which also comes via HongKong post (and can take a month or more at 'up to 25 BUSINESS days to arrive) so I would be surprised if I got charged. I would expect it if I chose the quicker delivery methods using delivery companies.
I found the exact same dress on the website for a comparatively whopping $45.00 ON SALE down from $53.97.... BUT does allow you the option of a free shipping method. Plus, like the similar Romwe web-store, has a much better online reputation.
Either way I'm happy to take my chances on the lesser priced option from Sammydress and see for myself how I get on! 
I think as long as you know what to expect when shopping from these cheaper websites, you do so "at your own risk" so to say. I'll always give something a first go, and if it doesn't work out, I know to stay clear a second & third time.

For now, I'm looking forward to receiving my dress, even if I am in for a bit of a wait. And I will update ye all on my experience & the actual item once it arrives!!
I'm also interested in hearing (reading) any of yeer experiences with any of these companies.

Thanks for making it through my rambling ^_^

Catch ye later,


Thursday, May 9, 2013

'Shivs Style'; New Clothes! etc... Romwe, Primark, Forever21 & Swamp.

Hey Guys :)

Many of ye have been asking to see more of my wardrobe since I began posting fashion videos so I thought a good start to that would be to share some recent purchases of mine. Most of the bits should still available to buy as they were bought within the past month or so and it'll give ye an idea as to where my personal style is at the minute!

I also placed my first ever order which I was super excited about!! I have been watching other 'Tubers like TarMarTales, Nikkie Tutorials & EllieJayden show off their wonderful purchases from the up & coming clothing website over the past year, drooling a little, coveting a lot!!
I was lucky enough to be partly subsidised by the company for my order, but I am not sponsored and of course got to choose everything myself. I do love my job sometimes ^_^
I particularly love the company since it's based in China and so caters to the more petite frame!! This is something I often struggle with when it comes to online shopping as most things I buy tend to be a tad baggy on me.

These are the bits I ordered from Romwe & links to what's still available to buy!!
Plus the one Forever21 item I could source online. Penneys & Swamp are instore only.

(The first pait of Forever21 pants I showed in the video!!)

Penneys/Primark stuff isn't available online but as far as I know all the bits from the video are still available in store!!

As always, I'd love to hear from you guys,

Til next post,


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lookbook Ootd; 'Workin' it'..... Work Outfit.



Long-sleeve black dress (under-layer) from Dunnes Stores
Black Sheer dress/top (outer-layer) by 'Butter' (Gift from Heather - Sokolum79)
Leg-warmers as Arm-warmers from Claires Accessories
Wet-look leggings from Penneys
Boots from Dunnes Stores
Hello Kitty Jewelry by Sanrio.....
Watch, Swarovski pendant & Silver chain.
Rose ring from McCrathy's Jewelers,Galway.
Black Cuff, home-made.
Beaded cuff from Penneys.
Silver band ring, gift.
Leather-look jacket by 'Red Chilli' from Swamp.
Scarf (In video) from River Island.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

LookBook April '13; Casual Cameo

Wool cardigan; NewLook
Crop top & Skirt; NewLook
Leggings & small cardigans; Penneys
Necklace & Beaded bracelet; Penneys
Skull Bracelet; River Island
Cuff; Hand-made
'Holmes' ring; Penneys
(also available on
Boots; River Island