Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Tattoo!! Rocket Girl.

I get asked almost on a daily basis to show my tattoos or do a video showing off my tattoos, but honestly, it's something I feel a bit weird doing! Mainly because it'll envolve showing off, well, most of my body!
But I thought a good way to ease myself into it would be to first share my newest tattoo with yeez all before showing all my older work.
I just got it finished off today so am in my "Ooh I Lurrrrrve it" phase!
It's placed on the inside of my left leg but wraps around the front and back a bit too.
I went to Angus Wall of A.W.O.L tattoos in Galway to cover up what was just a big star with a skull in the middle, surrounded by smaller stars to begin with (One I had tattooed on myself back in my teens)
.....and here's the finished result so far!!

(Parts of the skin are still a bit red looking in the photos)

I have many many more to go and some of my older ones to spruce up, all that will be spare money permitting but I definitely intend on heading back down to Angus in A.W.O.L .
I actually pretty much made the poor guy come up with the entire idea for this one as I was totally at a loss as to what to do with it but I love the style (TOTALLY me) and colours.
It took just under 4 1/2 hrs in total in 2 sittings and was honestly not at all that painful compared to other work I've had done on different body parts. But I suppose I'll go more into that when I eventually talk about those.
So that's it for today anyhow! May get more added onto it in the future but will get a few others taken care of in the mean time.

Catch yeez all later!

Shiv ^_^