Friday, November 25, 2011

Fashion Blast from the Past!!!

Hey Guys:)
If ye follow my videos on Youtube ye may have heard me mention a few times that I used to dress a bit less demure than I do now ^_^ & sported a head full of beaded dreads that clanked off one-another & foretold my arrival long before my body did!!
Believe it or not though, I was extremely camera phobic before my foray into youtube & blogging and there exists little clear evidence of this other 'cyber punkish' me. Those of ye who have been asking for photo's can take a good gawk at this portrait I found this morning while visiting my friend Lorraine's website, which I totally forgot existed!!!

I had to laugh when I found this but I LOVED being so colourful & carefree fashion wise back then!
This is easily 6 yrs old, maybe little over 5 as I was tanned for the one & only time in my life after travelling around South East Asia and my tan did not last for too long once I returned to dreary Ireland.
Anyhow, thought ye might get a kick out of this as I look so different now. Ah the joys of growing up, ha ha!!

Take Care & Chat Later,


  1. you look sick!!!
    a mix of a thousand thing i luv it...
    is that a piercing on your cheek?

  2. Ha ha, thanks! Nah that was a star I almost always wore somewhere on my face, though I did have the top of my cheek-bone pierced with a surface banana bar at one stage:) x

  3. I loooove that photo you look super good in cyber-punkish wear
    How long and how many countries did you visit in South East Asia?