Monday, April 13, 2015

Daft Shite I believed as a Child in Ireland

Hey Guys:) 
I was inspired by Jenna Marbles video "Things I thought as a Kid".
 and decided to do my own version, the Ireland Edition! 

Friday, August 8, 2014

My Tattoos & their Stories!

(This will also be going up on my LetzMakeup platforms as it is actually my most requested video ever on my beauty channel!!)
This video has been a long time coming, about 5 years to be precise, but I decided to finally bite the bullet and upload my Tattoo Story. I've been so reluctant to do this as I'm quite a shy/private person who definitely doesn't show excess skin in my daily life but it's up now and out there so please enjoy and make sure to like the video if you would like to see future updated tattoo videos on my Youtube channel!
Oh and I won't be rehashing the meaning behind my tattoos for the blog post as honestly the thought of that exhausts me, just watch the video below to see the different tattoos and find out the story behind them!

Cheers Guys :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Weekend in Sunny Donegal...


This past long weekend I was whisked away straight after work at the end of the week by my boyfriend and brought up north in a 4 hour drive to beautiful Donegal to spend 4 days with his family. Myself & Jamie spent most of the time travelling around the countryside exploring... One of my favourite things to do!!!
I totally forgot to bring my good camera with me to take photo's but the pictures I took on my little i-phone camera actually came out pretty nice luckily :)
So here are a few of the scenes I got to enjoy up in beautiful Donegal.

Naran Beach.

Waterfall on route to Maghera Beach & Caves.

Sand-dunes on the trek to Maghera Beach.

Jamie not so impressed by the local paparazzi...

Well deserved beverage after one of our hikes!

Views on trek to Sliabh League.


As ye may have guessed from the photos I refused to be photographed, preferring to annoy my other half instead :)

Hope ye enjoyed these scenes as much as I did!!

Take it easy,


Monday, June 3, 2013

Shivs Style moving to LetzMakeup!

Hey Guys,

Ye may have noticed that I copied & pasted all of my recent styling & fashion posts over from here on to my LetzMakeup blog....
As I explained on a blog post on that website...
"Another decision I came to is to amalgamate my ShivInTheBox styling posts with my LetzMakeup blog (ie. move them over to here!!) (sic). I have considered feedback from viewers & blog followers and chatted to a few other bloggers and decided to just keep all makeup AND fashion related content on the one blogger platform since they are on the one Youtube Channel. This will of course be a good thing for any companies I work with also as it guaranties them greater readership for blog posts related to them, which in turn will benefit the blog & you guys with the possibility of more collaborations in the future. (basically a broader range of products/items to share with ye via blog posts, ootd's etc)."

I will update here with any non-makeup & fashion stuff from now on like travel vlogs etc so in the mean time, see me over on for all your makeup & fashion fixes!!

Chat soon,



Sunday, May 19, 2013

1 Dress, 5 Outfits.....

The Dress is from Penneys/Primark 'Atmosphere' range.
(It's from a couple of years ago but they often have similar in stock)
It's definitely one of my staple wardrobe pieces! I'd say I wear it at least once a week, ha ha. Everyone has something like that in their wardrobe that they live in.

Outfit #1;

'Bear Ear' Hoodie from Newlook. (Winter '12/'13)
Leg-warmers worn as arm warmers from Claires Accessories.
Corduroy leggings from Pennies / Primark.
Grey fleece-lined mid-calf boots from Penneys/Primark 'Atmosphere' range. (2012)

Outfit #2;

"Cute Cats Jumper" from (Available now)
Purple tights from Penneys / Primark.
Black Biker Chained Leather Boots from River Island (2011)
Slouchy Khaki Snood from River Island (Present) 
Pink Single-breasted Coat from Dunnes Stores. (2006-7)
Trilby Hat from Dunnes Stores. (2012)
'Rose' sterling silver ring from McCarthys Jewelers Galway, Ireland.
Silver 'Band' ring gifted.

Outfit #3;

Pink & Black striped grunge jumper from TK Maxx. (2012)
'KAPOW!' ring from Claires Accessories. (2013)
Black leather-look biker jacket from Swamp. (Present)
Blue flared Jeans (customised) (2005-6)
Converse 'All-Stars' low from Schuh. (2010)
'Heart & Bow' hanging earrings from Penneys / Primark. (2011)

Outfit #4;

Black jacket customized with pink stripy arm-warmers (from approx  2002!!!!)
Side broken-hole leggings from (Present)
Grey suede multi-buckle open toe shoes from (2009)
'Barcode' Ring from Claires Accessories. (2012)
All other jewelry from Penneys / Primark.

On my lips; MAC 'Magenta' LipLiner
On my nails; Primark 'Yes Cyan' UV reactive Nail Varnish

Outfit #5;

Multi-layer body necklace from (Available now)
Black Blazer from New Look. (2011-12)
Black ribbed tights from Penneys / Primark.
'Skull Bracelet' & 'Turquoise Cross ring/bracelet' both from River Island.
Studded Chunky-heeled Sandals from River Island. (Present)
Orange Coat from (2009-10)